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Advanced Micro Current Facial Sculpting with NeurotriS SX

$225 per session or see spa package rates

The powerful benefits of micro current are well-known in the global aesthetic market today, but none can compare with the Advanced Micro current technology of the NeurotriS SX. A patented, constant wave technology means that you will experience all of the benefits that are unique to micro current, such as a lift in the eye and mouth area, a lift and toning along the jawline, cellular rejuvenation, increased facial tone and radiance, increased ATP and collagen, lymphatic detoxification, all this and more, but at a much more effective level than ever before. Serums will be more easily and effectively absorbed, your skin will stay hydrated and plumper longer, and not only will you love the way you look, you'll feel energized and refreshed as well. The benefits and effects of these treatments are cumulative, which means that with regular sessions, things will get even better, and the aging process is even more delayed. Gentlemen, please have a clean-shaven face for your treatments.

PLEASE NOTE: There are possible health conditions that are contraindications for micro current treatments, such as heart conditions, taking anti-seizure medications, pregnancy or recent childbirth, lactation, and others. If you are unsure about whether you can receive micro current treatments, please see your health care provider first.


NeurotriS SX Body and Facial Sculpting--Consultation

$20 and up per hour per service

This is a one-on-one consultation, so bring all of your questions, concerns, and your doctor's release with you to this session. It's also a great opportunity to experience the NeurotriS Advanced Microcurrent technology for yourself. The average consultation takes about 45 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a heart condition, are taking anti-seizure medications, are currently pregnant or have just recently had a child, it is not advisable to receive micro current treatments. If you are unsure about your personal health and any possible problems with receiving micro current treatments, please see your health care provider first.

NeurotriS SX "Miracle Machine" Body Sculpting/Inch Loss

$75 and up per session or see spa package rates

Using the most advanced micro current technology on the anti-aging market today, lose inches and shrink fat cells from target areas such as thighs, tummy, derriere and upper arms and get rejuvenating, toning and lifting benefits at the same time. Many clients lose from 2 to 5 inches in the first session. A series of 10 to 12 customized sessions will give you the best results. Each session brings you closer to your body toning and slimming goals. With the powerful benefits of this unique, patented treatment, you will experience how constant wave technology sets it apart from any other micro current out there. Micro currents are gently delivered deeply down to the cellular level, where they stimulate an increase in ATP, collagen, and lymphatic detoxification, muscle regeneration, fat burning and cellulite reduction.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a heart condition, are taking anti-seizure medications, and have recently had a child or are currently pregnant, it is not advisable to receive micro current treatments and is contraindicated due to your health condition. If you have any cause to be unsure about getting micro current treatments, see your health care provider first.

 Body Before & After--Abdomen and Gluteus




The 15 Minute Facelift with NeurotriS SX

$125 per session or see spa package rates

If you've got a lunch hour, you can get all the micro current benefits of the full session in just 15 minutes treatment time. You will look radiant, refreshed, and lifted. If you aren't wearing makeup, we can get started right away and you can be out the door in less than an hour. And for our gentlemen clients, please have a clean-shaven face for your facial treatments. Enjoy as a perfect pick-me-up treat, for bridal parties or as a series of weekly sessions for even more wonderful micro current anti-aging benefits. Micro current treatments are cumulative in benefits, the more regular sessions you have, the more powerful your transformation will be, and the longer lasting, as well.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a heart condition, are taking anti-seizure medications, are pregnant or have recently had a child, it is not advisable for you to receive micro current treatments. If you are unsure as to whether micro current treatments would be safe for you, please see your health care provider first.

Bio Visage Micro Current

$125 per 60 minute session

The Mansard Bio Visage Micro Current Non-Surgical Facial Treatment is so much more than just a facial, it's a non-surgical face lift!! Be among those who have enjoyed the scientifically proven health benefits of the 2006 les Victoires de la beaute' award winning beauty treatment, the Bio Visage facial treatment. The micro currents infuse powerful phytonutrients and rich, active botanicals into the skin, deep down to a cellular level, using a gentle massage of nutrient drenched sea sponges. Your skin is detoxified, nourished, toned and LIFTED. This process has been scientifically proven to be effective, is non-invasive and pain free.
Cloud Nine Therapeutics is the first and only to provide this treatment in the state of New Mexico.
To learn more about the amazing Bio Visage Non-Surgical Face Lift, simply use the link on the Home Page. Please click on the "Hours & Rates" page for more information about this treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a heart condition, are taking anti-seizure medications, are pregnant or have recently had a child, it is not advisable for you to receive micro current treatments. If you are unsure if micro current treatments are safe for you, please see your health care provider about any possible contraindications first.

Lypossage Body Contouring

$105 per session or see spa package rates

Lypossage Body Contouring is THE most effective manual body contouring modality in the world! Cloud Nine offers our clients the original, patented modality that Charles Wiltsie 111 invented in 1998, which eliminates dimpling, or cellulite, by manual massage techniques. It is very specific work that detoxifies the system and promotes lymphatic drainage as it smoothes the contours of the body. This is a powerful and proven natural technique that also results in the loss of inches. Another non-surgical option that we are so excited to bring to our clients! You will be absolutely amazed at how much more energy you will have from just the lymphatic drainage benefits alone! Cloud Nine uses only the proprietary Lypossage formulas for your treatments and offers them for your purchase, as well. Contact me today for a consultation to see if you're a good candidate for this wonderful treatment! Please click on the "Hours & Rates" page for more information about Lypossage.

Moroccan Argan Oil Massage

$105 per 70 minutes

Relaxing, Soothing Full Body Massage Using Luxurious, Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

This treatment is very relaxing and also includes the gentle application of organic argan oil into your scalp and then massaged in so that your scalp and hair are deeply nourished and moisturized.

Enjoy 70 minutes of luxurious, pampering and stress-relieving massage! With the added nutrient and health benefits of organic argan oil, you will be rewarded 10 fold. Not intended for a deep tissue session, your time includes a hydrating scalp massage, and the rich oil will make your hair shiny and your scalp happy.


Moroccan Argan Oil Facial

$95 per 60 minutes

Jasmine and Green Tea Infused Steamy Towel Facial

This is very refreshing and is a facial as well as a facelift that detoxifies and enhances lymphatic drainage.

The description says it well, but there's more. Your skin is cleansed with rich organic argan oil cleanser and steamy towels fragrant with jasmine and green tea and your pores are opened to receive the healing nutrients of organic argan oil, which is expertly applied and massaged into your face and decolett'e, respecting the lymphatic flow, detoxifying and lifting your face. As you rest, as if floating in fluffy clouds of happiness, your arms will be treated to a salt glow scrub, after a cool stone with a drop of lavendar oil has been gently placed on your third eye chakra. Then creamy, rich and decadent illuminizing argan oil butter will be applied liberally from shoulder to fingertip, leaving you all aglow.

Moroccan Argan Oil Foot Treat

$90 per 45 minutes


Sandalwood and Jasmine Salt Foot Glow

Your legs and feet will feel like they have been given newborn baby skin!

Let this be your moment of peace and serenity, as salt and argan oil are combined with the sensuous jasmine and sandalwood oils to gently scrub away flaky, dry surface skin from below your knees to your toes, always being ever so mindful about the skin on the heels. Warm, steamy, towels infused with invigorating fragrance are used to reveal the smooth, beautiful new skin underneath. Oh yes, there's more. How about a foot and leg massage with organic argan oil to complete the experience? Say yes.

Moroccan Staycation Retreat

$285 per 3 and 1/2 Hours

Moroccan Inspired Staycation Retreat Spa Package

No need to pack your bags for this exquisite experience!

Could there ever be enough pampering? We say no, and if you choose to create for yourself an afternoon of luxury, that really nourishes your body, mind, and spirit, then you choose well! Combine the Moroccan inspired massage, facial, and foot treatment, and we will add a refreshing cup of organic green tea and a 30 minute session on the Bio-Mat. Ahh, heaven does exist!

Bio-Mat Sessions

$20 per 20 minute session

Relax on the original Bio Mat from the Richway company in Japan. By simply resting on this powerful mat, you will receive the benefits of far infrared and negative ion therapy, and so much more. Healing amethyst stones are all throughout the multi-layered construction of this highly engineered therapeutic mat. Benefits include:


Improved circulation

Glowing, radiant skin

Decreased effects of daily stressors

Pain relief

and more!

So, come in, take your shoes off, and lay comfortably on the mat that has been blessed by the Pope himself as a way for anyone to heal.

Organic Chocolate Masque

$75 per 50 minute session

With the many positive effects of chocolate, and more being discovered all the time, please consider enjoying them during this lovely treatment. In the serene comfort of Cloud Nine, feel the skin-conditioning and gentle exfoliating organic cocoa powder penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, offering a bounty of rich minerals and anti-oxidants while stimulating circulation. You will further benefit from the moisturizing oatmeal, detoxifying rhassoul clay and nourishing soy milk in this specially formulated masque. Did you know that the PEA hormones secreted in the brain after chocolate consumption are the same as released from affection? Imagine, a nourishing facial treatment that really feels like a warm hug!

Twinkle Toe Salt Scrub

$90 per 55 minute session

A luxurious salt scrub treat for your tired feet and another signature Cloud Nine treatment that completely pampers you. Imagine a warm bubbly foot soak scented with a relaxing aromatherapy blend, a deep foot massage, as well as reflexology for those stress points, just for you! With the marvelous finishing touch of a soothing, hydrating, refreshing, and paraben-free, planet friendly lotion. You'll be walking on the clouds!

TheraStone Hot Stone

$135 per 90 minute session

TheraStone Advanced Hot StoneTherapy uses deep penetrating heat and/or alternating cold from specialized stones. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. Cloud Nine is the first in New Mexico to offer the TheraStone hot stone massage, a proven modality founded by Ricardo Saikali, RMT in 1999. This elegant, soothing massage will melt your aches and cares away.
Stone Therapy delivers a profound expansion and contraction inside your circulatory system, improving the function of your lymphatic and immune systems, and enhancing your body’s self-healing mechanisms.
This style of bodywork takes you into deep states of relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, detoxifying the body, and balancing your nervous system.

Cloud Nine Massage

$65 per 60 minute session

Our signature Cloud Nine Custom Massage is a unique style of integrative massage customized to each client's specific needs. I incorporate elements of swedish massage for soothing relaxation and circulatory and lymph benefits, deep tissue focus for releasing chronic stress areas, joint mobilization for achy, tense shoulders, lower back and hip, shiatsu to benefit the spine, and gentle stretching if needed. The use of moist heat paks allows for greater effectiveness with the deeper work, and provides soothing relief for those extra tense areas. A few points of reflexology to aid specific areas of need, such as the adrenals from an extra stressful day, and accupressure to lift your spirits and give you clarity of thought. 90 minutes sessions also available, please check the "Hours & Rates" page for more information.